About Us

Our Name
The inspiration behind our name can be found within its definition:
Montage: The art or process of making a complete design by bringing together a number of different pictures or ideas.

“We believe that our salon is a beautiful creation, facilitated by the many people whom have come together to create a unique and thriving community of caring and giving individuals. The talents of our team and the unique styles of each and every guest is what brings Montage together and helps to makes us who we are. Come join us in making each and every day... A GREAT DAY.”

- Dakota & Christian Malacara

Est. 2002

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Our Guiding Values

Integrity: We believe in complete and open honesty in our communication with each other and with you. We keep our word. We are fair, professional and deeply respectful of anyone who walks through our doors.

Synergy: We are all connected to each other, to the community and to our planet. Every day, we celebrate a family atmosphere of collaborative learning. We welcome you, our guest, to join us in the fun, creative process of looking and feeling your best. We are your team.

Education: We all believe that continued advanced education is key to staying current and knowledgeable on today's trends in hair, skin and makeup needs. We all attend a minimum of two classes per year to insure you are always receiving the best there is to offer.

Excellence: In every aspect of our business, we continually strive to do and be our best, striving for individual professionalism and to solidify our collective reputation as a market leader.



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